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SONNY ROBERTSON, Blues Singer & SANFORD SCHIMEL, Opera Singer on Judy Joy Jones Show!

Sonny Robertson, Blues Singer

Sonny Robertson, Blues Singer

Sonny Robertson, Blues Singer from St. Louis and Sanford Schimel, Opera Singer from NYC were recent guests on the Judy Joy Jones Show.

When you hear this man singing the blues, his voice shrieks, cries, moans, groans, opening the listener’s hearts and all our old wounds, allowing us to feel, bleed and finally to heal.

Sonny’s voice is the world’s soul turned inside out; black, blue and blood red.   No way you’re gonna walk away the same person after hearing Sonny pouring out those blues!

His music says life is sad, hard, and can be sheer hell but whoever said that getting to the good stuff would be easy?

Robertson doesn’t sugar-coat life; he just sings THE HELL OUTTA IT! Every now and then you meet someone so at home in their own skin; all of a sudden you are feeling pretty good about your own self.


And Sanford Schimel who studied Voice at Chicago Musical College & sang with The Light Opera Works and Chicago Gilbert & Sullivan Society told us that his beloved Mother died only three days before the show.

Mr. Schimel also shared that he is a recovering addict & has been HIV+ since 1994.  He recently started singing again after 23 year hiatus!  His voice is beautiful and will now be enjoyed by audiences around the world oncemore.

Because of HIV medications; he has feeding tubes for both water and food and all I can say is if you want to open your heart, soul, mind and spirit to letting yourself really feel; listen to the shows archives.  And better have your hankie close by!  I never cry during the shows, but during this one, I never stopped.

Thank-you  Mr. Sonny Robertson and Sanford Schimel for allowing the audience, including the host to see the rainbow colors of your lives that have made you who you are, extremely talented souls who continue to share despite life’s hardships because you both know that blood is life until given, then it is love!

Enjoy the show by clicking on links below.




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