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We are Destined to be Stars!

Reach for the Stars!

Vincent Van Gogh appeared to the people around him;  a complete looser.  Yet if you read his letters to his brother Theo; Vincent predicted almost to the day exactly how long he would live as a painter. Knowing his calling and sparing his body nothing; he lived his life as a saint-giving every second of his short eight years as a painter to his calling!

Were we able to ‘see ahead’ very often the person who is ‘dead to the world’ during their lives; will one day in time, be a household name!  Poet Emily Dickinson never left her home and yet is one of the most well-known poets upon this earth.  Painter Frida Kahlo; married to muralist Diego Rivera sold only two paintings during her life.  Now other planets will be named after Ms. Kahlo.

We are all destined to be stars at some moment in time;  so enjoy the dance!



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    I AM THAT, I AM! I call on my Mighty I AM Presence to fill me with Light & Love and move all obstacles our of my path so that I may be a blessing unto all I meet.

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