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“Women are still On the Back of the Bus!” by Judy Joy Jones


Quote of Derek Sivers; Founder of Cd Baby;

“MIDEMnet: out of 55 speakers, only 2 are women!?   Lopsided doesn’t usually bother me, but this is ridiculous.”

Women are still on the back of the bus, period!  Don’t believe it?  Ask anyone to name even four women painters throughout history (there have been millions),  any women sculptors (blank stares will be your answer) and female opera composers (loud laughs & chuckles will you hear).

Until women acknowledge the reality of their situation;

“Move on to the back of the bus and enjoy your ride!”

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  1. Judy,

    Now, you have spoken such truth, here. I, for one, acknowledge this dilemma. But it is my goal to open the minds of as many women and men to this problem as possible. One by one, people must realize the necessity to acknowledge the Goddess. Please share my site with all you know: http://www.fyicomminc.com/spirit/awakening.htm

    Thanks so much,
    Diva JC

    Comment by musicwoman | April 4, 2009 | Reply

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